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Based closed Felgueiras and Guimarães, in Portugal, our company offers leather solutions to the fashion industry in general and to the footwear industry in particular.

In close cooperation with well-established tanneries with LWG Certification, we provide a full range of solutions able to respond positively to any request.


Our products are developped by well-known and experienced suppliers in Europe and Asia, providing high-quality leathers and fabrics to our clients.

Quick Deliveries

We aim to deliver our products both for samples and for orders in a few weeks to allow our clients to develop their products within a short period.

Low Minimum Quantities

We accept small orders to assist young brands in developing their products and give them the opportunity to grow step by step.


Every season, do a market research to we present new options to our clients and give them the best options to build their collections.

About Leather

Why Leather?

Because leather is a rich and sustainable product

Leather is a truly sustainable material as it’s dependent on the food industry. No animals are killed only for their skin and the transformation into leather is the best way to use those hides.

The leather industry develops solutions who combine beauty, comfort and long-lasting properties in order to create products such as shoes, belts, bags or clothes. With the right knowledge, tanneries can produce leathers with a wide variety of properties and looks.

Leather Reduces Waste

Tanneries recycle over 270 million cow hides each year. These are a by-product of the food industry and without the ability of the leather industry to transform them into leather, over 7 million tons would go to landfill with huge environmental impact. Leather makes a sustainable contribution to a society that needs to consume less, reuse more and recycle everything.

Leather is Long-Lasting

Good quality leathers last a long time and unlike synthetic materials, they actually look better with age. No need to be a shopaholic, just buy less, buy better, buy leather.

Leather is Repairable

Sustainability also deals with our capacity to care and/or repair what we own and, in this perspective, leather is an amazing solution. Leather goods can be easily maintained at home with basic tools and, when necessary, leather goods can be taken to skilled artisans to be repaired.

Leather is Recyclable

Leather trimmings from the manufacturing process can be recycled into composite products such as leatherboard. This way, leathers are having another life being transformed into insoles and heel which will be used in the footwear industry. In some cases, leathers can be biodegradable and reused as fertilizers.

FashionLab Collection

Our Range

We create our collection based on seasonal WGSN reports but also based on our experience on the field which allow us to be close to brands and designers around the world.

Biodegradable Leathers

We offer a range of Biodegradable leathers capable to meet the main requests.

We present a range of biodegradable leathers to the market with Ecotan certification



Selection of biodegradable nubuck.

Crazy Horse

Selection of biodegradable crazy horse leathers.


Selection of biodegradable leathers with alligator embossing.


Selection of biodegradable lining.

These articles are developed by a LWG Gold tannery who produce Ecotan leathers, a process who allows leathers to be recycled into fertilizers.

Technical Leathers

We offer a range of Technical leathers capable to meet the main demands.

We present a range of technical leathers for professional and fashion shoes


Gore-Tex Leathers

We offer a short range of Gore-Tex leathers suitable for professional shoes but also for trekking, etc.

Waterproof Leathers

We offer a full range of waterproof leathers with water resistance from 2 hours and developed on request. These leathers can be used both for professional shoes but also for fashion shoes.

PU Protector

We offer a solution developed for professional shoes which is made from leather and covered with a PU membrane to prevent scratches or small damages. This article has been specially created for professional areas such as hospitality, restaurants, medical, etc.


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